The new MPC meeting is scheduled for May 11th at 1:30pm. Please Attend In-Person and Put Your Name on the List of Speakers (912) 651-1440

Address: 112 E State St.
Savannah, GA

Watch Recent Community Meeting With Developer (on Facebook Live)

> Step 1) Please Register to Attend MPC Meeting (In-Person Only)
Please attend in-person as it is the best way to be heard by the MPC.
Attending online does not do much at all.

Date: 5/02/2023
112 E State St.
Savannah, GA
(Mendonsa Hearing Room)

> Step 2) Sign Our Petition Online

A developer is seeking to get approval from the Metropolitan Planning Commission to build 400 new homes in the Georgetown community that is off Wild Heron road. Georgetown already has major traffic problems from those that cut through on Wild Heron from Richmond Hill. Adding over 400 homes would only make our quality life go way down.

Georgetown Does Not Want 400 Homes Created
The Georgetown community does not want 400 new homes built off Wild Heron Rd. Instead, we are requesting a traffic study to be conducted and a reduced number of homes allowed that is comparable to existing neighborhoods. The only way to prevent this from happening is to physically attend the MPC meeting in-person on April 11th at 1:30pm and to collectively sign a petition. We kindly ask that you attend this meeting in-person and sign the petition to save our community.

Help Us Contact The Media!!!!!!!!!

Please help us by e-mailing the news stations to come out and get coverage about the situation. Please e-mail all of the addresses below ASAP and request to be interviewed and express your feelings about the matter.

Fox 28:

Savannah Morning News

If we do nothing, the following will happen to the Georgetown Community:

✓ 800 More Cars Added To Our Daily Traffic in Georgetown
✓ Unsafe Roads For Our Children & Families
✓ Lower Our Home Values
✓ Lower Our Quality Of Life
✓ Destruction Of The Wetlands and Wildlife
✓ Overcrowding and Teacher Strain on Georgetown Elementary School
✓ Strain on Emergency Services (Police, Fire, and Ambulance)

Other Things You Can Do Besides Attending the Zoning Meeting and Signing the Petition
We need volunteers to contact all of the resources below, so that our voices are heard. Please consider calling and e-mailing all of the resources below.
The louder we are, the better the chance we can get our needs met as a community. Thank you so much!

Contact the Metropolitan Planning Commission:
(912) 651-1440

Contact Alderman Kurtis Purtee:
(912) 346-3305
Contact County Commissioner Aron Whitely:
(912) 657-6855
Contact Marcus Lotson
(912) 651-1497

Unsafe Roads For Our Family

Extreme Traffic & 800 New Cars On The Roads

Poor Infrastructure and Roads