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The hearing concerning the Drapac rezoning that was originally scheduled for April 27. It was postponed to May 18th. Then, Drapac hired a new local attorney and has pulled their request for hearing from the May 18 agenda.  The new meeting is now June 8, 2021 at 1:30pm Online

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Georgetown, we need your help!

A new proposal has ignited serious backlash in Savannah. Drapac Capital Partners, have submitted an application to change the zoning permits so that they can construct 155 new homes in the Georgetown neighborhood. This is a massive change from the original proposal of 77 new homes. 

Additionally, the proposal would significantly decrease the square footage of each home to fit as many as possible into a small space. This proposal would negatively impact the property values of everyone already living in the area. This would endanger the lives of all members of the community in an emergency. It would harm the environment and wildlife. It would decrease the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Adding these new homes would be disastrous for the community.

Traffic Patterns

The Georgetown neighborhood is overcrowded. There are significant issues with the outdated roads, as they are already overfilled by the current residents. This proposal would add at least 300 cars to the traffic each day, making the existing problems even worse.

The overcrowded roads would make it impossible for children to play in the streets. It could also make walking on the roads dangerous and make the neighborhood a worse place to live.

Major Flooding

Southern Woods struggles with flooding whenever a big rainstorm comes through the town. The flood zones are over 100 years old, and the land itself is swampy and soggy already. The most recent hurricanes saw the creeks overflow, and many residents saw water levels rise to their back steps.

These new homes would place greater strain on this infrastructure. The creeks and drainage would not be able to handle this increased population and these new homes. 

Emergency Services

The Southern Woods community only has one entrance and exit that services over 200 homes. This goes against the recommendations of the fire chief, as it is recommended that there be at least two entrances for any neighborhood with over 100 homes. 

These new homes would be an added danger to the community. Ambulances and firetrucks would have trouble reaching them in time, because the only entrance to the neighborhood is frequently congested and could be easily blocked by a single fallen tree or power line.

It is irresponsible to put more lives in danger by packing homes into this neighborhood.

No Second Entrance In Southern Woods
Our neighborhood should already have a second entrance by law. We don’t have one. If the main entrance is blocked or crowded and someone has a heart attack, the ambulance won’t have a way to get to them.

Property Values

These new homes would be small and packed into an overcrowded neighborhood. They would be cheap, base model homes that would make the neighborhood a less attractive place and would drive down the values of the existing homes.

Take a Stand

The 1994 children’s film Pom Poko tells the story of a group of creatures in the forest banding together to stop a commercial real estate developer from destroying their home. They call on the media and the community to stand together against this unnecessary and unwelcome intrusion.The people of Georgetown must stand together against this proposal. Share this website with friends, relatives, and anyone else who can speak out. Together, we must make a difference and protect our homes and community.

This proposed zoning would:

300 More Cars Daily In Our Neighborhood

✓ Unsafe Roads For Our Children & Families

Lower Our Home Values

✓ Major Flooding

✓ Destruction Of The Wetlands and Wildlife

✓ Lower Our Quality Of Life

Unsafe Roads For Our Family

Extreme Traffic & 300 New Cars On The Roads

Poor Infrastructure and Roads